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Answers to your Questions

What will we do during our prenatal appointments?

We will discuss your birth plan, your wishes and desires for your birth and all of the options available. We will define and understand our expectations of one another, and I will provide you and your partner with useful tools for during labor and birth, such as rebozo massage and acupressure techniques to help manage the pain.  I can also attend one of your last midwife appointments, so that we're all acquainted before the big day, but this is as you prefer.  Our meetings will be guided by you and your partner, and what you would like to discuss and work through at that moment.

Do you perform any physical examinations?

I do not perform medical tasks or give medical advice. I do however, provide physical, emotional and information support and will endeavor to advocate for your birth wishes.

If I hire you for my birth, what role will my partner play?

Doula’s and partners play two different but also interconnected roles during labor and birth.  The partner has a love for the mother and baby that no one can replace.  Doulas are trained in coping techniques and comfort measures.  Partners have a deep connection with the mother and understand her needs; where as, Doula’s have experience with the birthing process and supporting families through childbirth.  Partners are knowledgeable about how the mother deals with stress, while Doulas know the birth lingo and can help families understand the choice made in labor and postpartum.  Lastly, the partner can take a break, eat or sleep, while the doula supports the mother. The doula can communicate with family, or take pictures so the partner can be 100% present.  As a Doula, I am not there to replace the role of your partner, but rather to enhance it by working together towards the same goal, which is to make the birthing person feel as comfortable, happy and confident as possible.

How will you work together with my midwife? What does your relationship look like?

Midwives and Doulas both have an integral role within the birth team, but both also have very different roles.  Even though both support the childbirth experience, a doula, and a midwife, offer different types of services. Midwives have medical training and during the birth process, focus on your medical needs as well as delivering a healthy baby. Doulas, on the other hand, focus on the needs of the mother, offering mental, physical, and emotional support. While a midwife is attending to your medical needs, taking your blood pressure, or monitoring the baby, I will be there to attend to your emotional, mental and physical needs, whether that’s a foot massage, acupressure or empowering you to advocate for yourself to during the birth process.

Do you speak Dutch?

Yes, I do speak Dutch, and this year especially, I have been focusing on improving my level to a confident intermediate standing. While my Dutch is consistently improving, and can I happily translate what is being said, my verbal skills still need a bit more refining.

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