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The level of support my partner and I got pre, during and post birth was priceless. Toni is an amazing doula and a great Hypnobirthing educator and she helped us achieve our ideal birth.

This was my first pregnancy and I had my baby boy on July 25th.
To prepare ourselves for birth, my partner and I decided to take a Hypnobirthing course. We immediately had a great connection with Toni and really enjoyed the classes. Through Hypnobirthing, Toni helped us feel more confident and empowered, helped eliminate any fears or worries we had regarding pregnancy and birth and provided us with a great toolset to approach labour more relaxed, prepared and in control by understanding our options and making informed decisions.

Since we had such a good experience with our Hypnobirthing course, we decided to include Toni to our birthing team as our doula. This was the best decision we could have ever made! As we were also moving to our new house at 36 weeks, Toni made sure we had her continuous support during this challenging and transformational period in our lives. Checking in on me and my partner very regularly, reassuring us and empowering us and also helping me relax both mentally and physically was everything we needed. Having her by my side, I felt very confident and decided that I was going to have a water birth at home.

From the moment my contractions started, Toni made sure she was available for me any time I needed her. When I decided that it was time for her to come home, she did her absolute upmost to help get things moving and help me remain calm and upbeat. We did a lot of walking, going up and down the stairs, massaging and using a rebozo for comfort and to help with the labour progress. She also created a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom, where we had the birth pool, by introducing nice, soft lighting, which helped me feel safe and relaxed. My labour was long and things were not progressing fast, but all this time we were feeling that we were in control and were fully supported. In addition, she worked well with the midwives, without overstepping boundaries and both teams complimented each other. This resulted in the beautiful water birth of our baby boy at home. Our baby boy floated into this world calm and peaceful.

During my postpartum journey, especially in the beginning, I was struggling a lot with breastfeeding. Toni’s emotional support was extremely useful for me and helped me overcome any negative thoughts and emotions I was experiencing at that period.

Looking back, I see the birth of my son as a very positive and empowering experience, in which Toni played a major role. We made a great team and we managed to have our own positive birth story! 

 V, L & J - July 2021

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